Product Return Policy for Filters4h2o US LLC

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Cancel Order Before Shipment
If you cancel an order before shipment there is no charge to you if this was a stock item.  If the product you ordered was a special order (Item not listed on our website or a non-stock variation) we may charge you a restocking fee equal to the inbound freight plus 25% of the order sale price.
Cancel Order After Shipment, Product Not Damaged. "You must contact us before returning product"
After an item has left our premises you will be responsible for the outbound freight charges plus any return freight charges incurred by us.  If product is returned unopened and undamaged you will be credited for the product price less return freight costs.  We will not credit you for freight charges to your location.
Receive Damaged Product, Possible Shipper Damage "You Must Contact Us Immediately"
Always check your package before signing UPS Receipt. By signing your UPS receipt you acknowledge it was received in good condition.   Note any damage to the package with you UPS driver. Open the package in the presence of the UPS driver if you suspect your shipment could be damaged.  Call us immediately.  After we receive your call we will file a UPS claim form and start processing a new order. Save all the packaging materials as UPS will at times want to inspect the shipment.  We will do our best to expedite the process of sending you a replacement order. No charge to you for shipper damaged returns or replacement product..
We Ship You the Wrong Product " Contact us immediately for a replacement"
If we ship you an incorrect product, we will issue a UPS call tag for its return and initiate a new order with the corrected product.  All freight charges will be paid by us.
Your Order is Received Incomplete
If we short ship your order, call us or email us.   We will ship the correct product to you.  All freight charges will be paid by us.  Sometime we will intentionally ship short if customer has need of a partial order.  Check you packing sheet for backordered items.  If you see we have marked the items as "Backordered", we were out of stock and will ship the product as soon as our inventories are replenished.
No Return of Opened Product: Do not return Carbon Filters that have been opened
All carbon filter cartridges are shipped sealed in clear shrinkwrap.  This is done for your sanitary protection. If the seal is broken we can not restock this item.  If upon our inspection of returned product we find the product has been opened (shrinkwrap seal broken on individual filters), we will not issue credit for product or outbound freight.  Customer can request product be returned to customer at customer expense.
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