Whole House Water Filters for Chlorine Lead Iron

Whole House Well Water Filters for Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide, Bacteria

Stainless Steel Hot Water Filters for Industrial and Residential

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Well Water Filter Systems

Iron Removal Systems
Cartridge Systems for Chlorine, Lead, Well Water
Systems for Acidic Water
Ultra Violet Filters for Bacteria
Selecting a well water filter system can be a challenging task.  All our systems are available to purchase online, however many variables, (pH, iron levels, iron bacteria, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, low water pressure) must be evaluated in the selection process.  We encourage you to call us (1-800-884-0560) or Email us at Filter4h2o@aol.com and let us help you in your selection.


Chlorine, Chloramine, Lead Water Filter Systems
High Flow Systems - Chlorine Lead
Standard Systems - Chlorine, Lead
Parallel systems for up to 14 gpm chlorine removal and 10 gpm lead removal.  Choose Dual or Triple systems for Fluoride, Chlorine, Heavy Metal removal.

Parallel High Flow



Water Softeners

Water Softener Systems
Heavy Duty Water Softeners.  All softeners made to order. 

Twin tank systems for commercial, industrial or restaurant high volume water users or high hardness.

Email us for a free hardness test kit.   Filter4h2o@aol.com 


Filter Housings

High Temperature Water Fillter Systems
Under Sink Chlorine Water Filters
Whole House Sediment Housings
Stainless Steel 10" and 20" housings.  Recommended for Bio diesel filtration, wood burner boilers and steam boiler filters.

Nylon Construction - 100 PSI / 180 Degrees F

Stainless Steel - 250 PSI / 250 Degrees F

4.5" x 10"' Replacement Filters

Large Capacity Under Sink System Connects directly to your faucet. 

20" Tall Housing

Replacement Filters, Brackets, Wrenches
2.5"x10" Chlorine Water Filters
4.5" x 20"  Chlorine, Lead Water Filters
Sediment Filters
Brackets, O-rings
All our Carbon filters are "Made in the USA" by KX Industries.


1/2 Micron Bacteria Filter

CR1, 10,000 gallon chlorine filter

HVFMX1, 150,000 gallon chlorine filter

Whole House Chloramine

Ph Correction / Acidic Water

Fleck Timers and Parts

Whole House Chloramine Systems
Whole House pH (acidic water) Neutralizing


pH System for Acidic water  Fiberglass tank with fill hole for pH balance systems Fleck 2510 backwash valve and timer

Fleck 2510 Backwash valve with 12 day timer

Closeup of Fleck 2510 metered timer. Salt saving feature for water softeners. 

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