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Bracket for HVH20 and LCH10 Housings, ( large silver bracket.)

  Bracket for WH10, WH20 and HT10, HT20 housings, (white middle bracket) 

Not for Stainless Steel Housings.

  Bracket for SSHTH10, SSHTH20, Stainless steel construction,  (Not Pictured)


Ordering Replacement O-Rings with every filter change will reduce the chance of leaks.

 *Viton O-Rings are chemical and heat resistant.

Large selection of replacement o-rings for all different applications including chemical and high temperature.

   Heavy Duty O-Ring for HVH20 & LCH10 Housings  $8.95 each       

    O-Ring for all WH10 or WH20 style housings  $2.50 each

   Viton* Polymer High Temp. Gasket for HTH10, HTH20  $6.95 each

   High Temp. Gasket Set includes nut gasket and shell gasket for HTH10SS, HTH20SS  $8.95 per set

  O-Ring for Counter Top and Under Sink Housings  $2.25 each

  Viton Gasket set for HTH10SS and HTH20SS, Viton polymer for high temp and chemical resistance.



   Wrench for HVH20, LCH10  $4.00 each

   Wrench for WH10CL, WH10BL, HTH10, HTH20  $2.50 each

   Wrench for Under sink filter systems except LCH10  $2.50 each

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