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Large Capacity Water Filter Housing  P/N: LCH10 $54.95

Large 1" NPT  inlet / outlets for full flow.  Filter housing is 14" tall x 7 1/4" across at threads.
Filters for the LCH10 are listed to the right of this message.

This is an excellent under sink water filter.
The only filter to allow you to use your present cold water faucet and maintain a 3 GPM flow.                              

Special faucets are not needed.

Installation is simple.

Just connect to your present cold water line and filter all your cold water using your present faucet





LCFMX1 - Maximum Life Filter - 0.6 Micron, 70,000 gallon chlorine reduction

LCFNH2CL - Chloramine filter, Highly effective catalytic carbon effectively removes chloramine.  Catalytic carbon is more effective than coal or coconut based carbon.

LCF385 - Well Water Filter - 5 micron, 20,000 gallon, remove iron and hydrogen sulfide.

LCFMX5 - Removes Chlorine, 5 Micron, 20,000 gallon capacity. Coconut shell carbon.

LCFPb1 Lead Removal, 1 micron,  8,000 Gallons / 2+ years in an under sink application

LCFCTO - 10 micron, 12,000 gallon chlorine filter. Good for high sediment plus chlorine removal.

Filter dimensions: 4.25" Diameter x 10" Tall

Sediment filters are available in 1 and 20 microns. Order by the case(9 filters) and save 25%.

LCF1 - 1 Micron sediment filter

LCF20 - 20 Micron sediment filter


  Long Life Chlorine


  Chloramine Reduction


  Well Water Filter for Iron, Sulfur

Coconut Shell Carbon

  Lead Reduction


  High Sediment


Sediment Filters

Need a different micron filter?

Call us, we manufacture filters from

1/2 micron(slightly larger than bacteria) to 100 micron(the size of a single grain of salt).

  1 Micron Sediment

  Case of 9 Filters

  20 Micron Sediment

  Case of 9 Filters


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