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MG20 Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide System.  Two Cubic Foot of filter media in a 12" x 48" tank.  High Quality* water at 5.5 GPM.

Water with a pH lower than 6.5 will cause the system to operate at less than 100%.  A pH adjusting filter will be required.  pH systems page.

Larger systems for large families or very high iron are also available.

2.5,  3.5 and 4 cubic foot systems are also available for homes requiring flow rates 6.5 GPM and up.

Read Systems Specification Sheet.

Read Water Quality Definitions*

To properly recommend a system we need to know the Iron and pH levels of your water.  To help you in this regard we are offering an iron and pH test kit for $.50 plus postage. Click on the button below to order.

1.5 cu. ft system

2 cu. ft. system

2.5 cu. ft. system

3 cu. ft. system

4 cu. ft. system



Click on picture to enlarge


Fleck 2510 Mechanical Timer

Call 1-800-884-0560 for detailed information about this system.

We recommend a water test before purchasing any system.

 Call us to discuss your water and how we can provide you with a system for clean, safe water.



Close up of Fleck 2510 Timer (cover off)


A is 24 hour clock

B is 12 day timer

C is inlet port

D is outlet port

E is back flush port






MG15 system: 1.5 cubic foot media, 10" x 54 " tank, Fleck 2510 timer, potassium feed tank, 3.5 GPM High Quality Water*. Price $719.00

MG20 system: 2 cubic foot media, 12" x 48" tank, Fleck 2510 timer, potassium feed tank, 5.5 GPM High Quality Water*Price $825.00

MG25 system: 2.5 cubic foot media, 13" x 54" tank, Fleck 2510 timer, potassium feed tank, 6.5 GPM High Quality Water*Price $929.00

MG30 system: 3.0 cubic foot media, 14" x 65" tank, Fleck 2510 timer, potassium feed tank, 7.0  GPM High Quality Water*Price $1152.00

MG40 system: 4.0 cubic foot media, 16" x 65" tank, Fleck 2510 timer, potassium feed tank, High Capacity for iron greater than 15 ppm.          Price $1282.00

Low water pressure systems are also available at no additional costs.     Call for details.


System Performance Specifications:

  1. Iron  and Manganese removal up to 15 ppm.

  2. Hydrogen Sulfide removal up to 5 ppm.

  3. Flow rate up to 5.5 gpm High Quality* water for iron removal spec., actual flow depends on your systems pressure and demands. 

  4. *See Water Quality Definitions for comparisons.

Physical Specifications MG20:

Tank: 12 inch Diameter  X  48 inch tall fiberglass with poly lining.

Media: Two Cubic Feet Manganese Greensand.

Timer: Fleck 2510

  1. 12 day mechanical operation.

  2.  110 volt AC with grounded three prong plug.

  3. 3/4 inch threaded inlet / outlet

  4. Bypass valve included.

  5. Male thread stub out connector included.

  6. Timer cover.

  7. John Guest fittings on feed and backwash lines  (no leak,  push and lock seals).

  8. Instruction manual.

Potassium Permanganate Feed Tank: 10 inch x 16 inch poly tank with factory calibrated float and media support grid.


Tank: 10 years in residential service.

Timer: 5 years in residential service

Manganese Greensand: Two percent attrition rate per year

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Water Quality Definitions for comparisons to system water quality and flow rates.

Utility Quality:

High Quality

Excellent Quality

Green Sand Back Wash System for Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide and Manganese.   



Flow Rates for High Quality* Water:

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