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HVH20 Filter Housing   

Largest Plastic Housing Available

Large 1" or 1.5" inlet / outlets

Standard NPT Pipe Threads (US Plumbing)

Designed for whole house filtration

Durable construction, maximum 90 PSI exceeds average home water pressure


    Bracket $19.95

   Wrench $4.00 


High Order Filter cartridges for the HVH20

All "HVF" Filters are 4.5" Diameter x 20" Talltridges

HVFMX1   High Capacity Chlorine Filter *1 micron, 150,000 gallon capacity,  7 gpm           


HVFMX5  5 micron 42,000 gallon filter. Chlorine & VOC Filter. Coconut shell carbon, 7 gpm  


HVFPb1    Lead Filter*1 micron 42,000 gallon chlorine, 17,000 gal. Lead reduction.


HVF585   Well Water Filter for Iron / Hydrogen Sulfide, 5 micron, 55,000 gal. cap.@ 1 ppm

  $169.95   (Requires pH of 7 and above)

HVF885   High Capacity Well Water Filter version of the HVF585,  75,000 Gallon Cap.

  $194.95   (Requires pH of 7 and above)

HVF455  Removes Heavy Metals and Chlorine,  5 micron, 45,000 gallon capacity filter life.

  $99.95    (Requires pH of 7 and above)

HVFGAC   Granular activated carbon, low cost chlorine filter.  20,000 gallon capacity


HVF1     One (1) Micron sediment filter cartridge.  For maximum filtration of smallest particles.

   $19.95 each

  $134.66    25% Discount

  HVF10 - 10 micron.  General purpose, great for city water.  $17.95 each

  $121.16   25% Discount

HVF20   Twenty (20) Micron sediment filter cartridge

  $15.95  Each   Good for well water with heavy sediment.

 $107.66  25% Discount


All filters are 4.5" Diameter x 20" tall.

Click Here to Order Complete Systems  Complete systems include HVH20 housing, BR35 dual Bracket, WR25 wrench, LCH10CL large capacity housing,1  micron pre-filter and you choose the filter for you water conditions.

All the Filters on this page are for the HVH20 filter housing.

Filters marked with an * are one micron absolute filters rated @ 99.9%.  A pre-filter is recommended for these filters.


  Two tests for iron and pH  $0.50 plus postage.

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