Whole House pH Adjusting Water Filters

Water Filter Systems for Neutralizing Acidic Water

Acidic Water (pH below 7) can be harmful to your health

Low pH water will attack copper and brass plumbing to the point you will develop leaks


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pH Water Filter Systems

  • 10x54 tank,  100 lbs. media, 3 to 6 gpm

  • 12x48 tank,  150 lbs. media, 4.5 to 9 gpm

  • 13x54 tank,  200 lbs. media, 6 to 12 gpm

Determining the right system for you depends on several factors.

1. The pH of your water

2. Peak water flow for your  home.  Peak water flow is defined as the maximum you will use at any one time and not as the maximum your pump can produce.

3. The hardness of your water.


pH levels 6.0 to 6.9 can be adjusted with calcite media.  Tank size will vary depending on water flow.

pH levels below 6.0 will require a blend of calcite and corosex @ 50/50.

Hardness levels above 5 grains per gallon will require a backwash valve and timer to prevent the media bed from cementing into a solid.


  • Pictured is our Large 13" diameter  x  54" tall fiberglass media tank with port

  • Fleck 2510 Timer Valve

  • 200 lbs. of media

  • Optional machined head (non electric) if hardness is below 5 grains per gallon

  • Stainless steel reinforced water line connection hoses are available for easy installation

  •  Installation guide

  • Warranty: Tank, 10 years.  Timer, 5 years

  • Because of the complexities of specifying a pH system we prefer to talk to you about your water so we may recommend the best system for you.

    Call us for detailed specifications and recommendations.



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